Wood Science (MS and PhD)

The College of Forestry’s department of Wood Science and Engineering offers a graduate education fully engaged in the dynamism and diversity of a rapidly evolving international field. We are fundamentally collaborative in nature, and offer M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in a wide range of specialties, from chemistry to business. Dual graduate degrees are common and encouraged; common partner disciplines include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, and forest science. Our programs provide the foundation for great careers, with excellent opportunities in industry, higher education, government and nonprofits.

Our programs are firmly rooted in our local geography—Oregon has long been a center of forest research and industry—but Oregon State’s presence, and much of our research, is global. The Department of Wood Science and Engineering is an international leader and resource in sustainable practices, and this leadership is reflected in cutting-edge projects, like the new TallWood Design Institute, and world-class research facilities, including the new A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory. This world-class applied research center has been set up in partnership with the University of Oregon, and drives wood product innovation while fostering industry competiveness.

The Department of Wood Science and Engineering is committed to world-class research and constant innovation. As part of one of the top forestry programs in the world, the department is an ideal place for future scientists, technologists and businesspersons to begin to meet the challenges of a quickly changing world.