Thomas Maness

Cheryl Ramberg-Ford and Allyn C. Ford Dean
Oregon Forest Research Laboratory Director

 109 Richardson Hall



Special Assistant to the Dean: Adrienne Wonhof
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Thomas Maness is the Cheryl Ramberg-Ford and Allyn C. Ford Dean of the College of Forestry and Director of the Oregon Forest Research Laboratory. Thomas earned his Bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from West Virginia University, a Master’s in Forest Operations from Virginia Tech, and a Doctorate in Forest Economics from the University of Washington.  He worked in the private industry for a decade as a Research Engineer focusing on forest planning and manufacturing optimization in sawmills. In 1994, he founded the Canadian National Centre of Excellence in Advanced Wood Processing at the University of British Columbia, and led the design and implementation of an award winning undergraduate manufacturing technology program. Working closely with industry, he conducted research in sawmill optimization and real time quality control systems.  In 2004, he founded the British Columbia Forum on Forest Economics and Policy, and over the last decade has conducted research in forest policy, land use planning, and sustainable forest management. He joined OSU’s College of Forestry in 2009 as Department Head, and was named Dean of the College in 2012.

Thomas is an avid wilderness backpacker and explorer.  He has explored extensively in the desert canyons of the Colorado Plateau and has carefully studied the ecology, geology, and archeological evidence of former inhabitation with respect to climate change and sustainable living.