How to Apply

Applicants who apply to our graduate program come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, and a wood science is not always necessary. Our most successful applicants have scholastic records that indicate a potential for success in graduate work.

Our admissions committee performs a holistic review of an application, taking into consideration all aspects of your application: academic rigor of the institutions you have attended and GPA, strength of your recommendation letters, work experience, and clarity and direction of your statement of objectives.

Due to faculty interests, space availability, and limited financial resources it is not always possible to accept all applicants who have met the requirements for admission. You are strongly urged to contact one or more faculty members to discuss your graduate interests before applying.

Applying to graduate school can be an exciting, but also nerve-wracking, experience. It’s important to take the time to research institutions and faculty, especially before beginning the application process. The time that you invest in researching schools that suit your needs and abilities will provide you with a much better application experience. Here are some of our suggestions if you are considering our graduate programs.